Fragments of Fear - A Giallo Podcast

Episode 13 - Strip Nude For Your Killer

November 1, 2020

Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)

In celebration of Fragments of Fear’s first anniversary, we eschew our focus on the lesser known gialli in favour of a more well known title requested by you - the listeners! Running away with the vast majority of the vote was Andrea Bianchi’s popular giallo from 1975, Strip Nude For Your Killer, one of the more sordid titles to emerge from the giallo cycle. We examine the film’s sleazy reputation and accusations of misogyny, framing them within the film’s comedic stylings and the Italian cinema of the period. We also take a look at the film’s self aware usage of giallo tropes, effective set pieces and comical characterisation as well as celebrating one of the most iconic actresses of the genre - Edwige Fenech.

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