Fragments of Fear - A Giallo Podcast

Episode 4 - Puzzle

January 5, 2020

Puzzle (1974)

In this month’s episode of Fragments of Fear we revisit the genre’s post golden era examining Duccio Tessari’s 1974 giallo Puzzle. Arguably the lesser discussed giallo of Tessari’s foray into the genre, we make the case for why Puzzle is an essential title for fans of the giallo. From the film’s sympathetic characterisation, courtesy of Senta Berger’s exceptional leading performance, to its exploration of Hitchcockian style themes of fractured and mistaken identity, Puzzle is an effective thriller that eschews the genre’s tropes in favour of a more heartfelt styled mystery. Emotive and engaging, Puzzle is a captivating slow burn giallo that places its characters at the heart of its mystery. We discuss why these elements make Puzzle an effective, albeit, different entry in the giallo cannon. Theme music performed by Ozarks. Hear more at

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